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“Independence and information are the key words for www.homesandtravel.co.uk,” explained Stewart Andersen, editor of one of the UK’s leading property sites. “The site was launched to help those seeking information about property buying, whether in the UK or abroad.”

Continued Andersen: “Despite the financial crisis, the choice of destinations for the second home purchaser has expanded enormously in recent years and we aim to provide background information ranging from legal, financial and travel to countries and companies. In addition Homes&Travel carries features about buying homes in the UK.”

Over the last few months, the site’s popularity has grown dramatically. Commented website designer Gabriel de Kadt: “Our intention from the start has been to make the site easily accessible and to maintain the same high level of information for the public.”

The site was launched at the end of February 2010. According to a recent Google Alert, the site attracts 372 unique visitors per day and 613 page impressions per day.

Stewart Andersen adds: “The future is looking exciting as increasing numbers of visitors discover the benefits of using Homes&Travel.”


At www.homesandtravel.co.uk we have access to many different information layers throughout the property and travel industries. We include features on the site that examine everything from new property developments in the UK to homes around the world, energy saving products to legal and financial articles.

We include up-to-date statistics on property markets, both in the UK and abroad, and we look at the progress being made in eco building.

Launched in February 2010, www.homesandtravel.co.uk is packed with informative articles that will help readers to decide the what, where and how in buying a home both in the UK and abroad as well as travelling to their second homes.

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