• Association of Portuguese Resorts reports hundreds of new enquiries from UK & Ireland
  • Vilamoura sees a “surge in interest” in the Algarve from discerning Brits
  • Residents of world’s top cities particularly keen to pursue Portuguese lifestyle

The Association of Portuguese Resorts (APR) has revealed that 22 per cent of international enquiries between September and December 2020 from those interested in buying resort homes in Portugal hailed from the UK and Ireland.

“We always suspected that Brexit would act as a trigger for many people in the UK to reassess where they want to live and what they want from their lifestyle. With the impact of Covid overlaying that, life in Portugal has even more appeal to many families. This has led to a surge in interest from those looking for something more than they currently have.” commented Pedro Fontainhas, Managing Director APR

Portugal is attracting ever more British families

The APR’s findings also reveal insights into potential buyers’ priorities. Across all markets, it found that the main reason for enquiring was in relation to a primary residence, with this accounting for 43% of leads. While many (31%) were interested in holiday homes in Portugal, it was a desire for a more fundamental change of location and lifestyle that was behind the majority of enquiries. APR’s data also shows that only enquiries from Spain (47%) topped those from the UK and Ireland. Furthermore, drilling down into the December data shows that, from within the UK, 36 per cent of enquiries came from people living in London. The findings are backed by a September 2020 survey from Adecco and YouGov, which found that 40% of Londoners said they would be open to leaving the UK and working elsewhere in Europe.

The English capital was also the third city to generate the most enquiries globally, after Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. New York was fourth on the list, highlighting the flow of people from the world’s top cities to Portugal’s sun-drenched southern coast. A better quality of life is certainly something that the Algarve can provide.

Anne Darlington moved to Portugal 27 years ago. She has seen the popular town of Vilamoura develop significantly over that time, observing: “The lifestyle that Vilamoura offers is an exceptional one. We have light, blue skies, beautiful sunsets, green spaces wherever you look. Vilamoura is my home. It’s where I’m going to stay.” Anne’s daughter attended Vilamoura’s international school and, because of the local facilities, was able to learn to ride, sail, surf and play tennis and golf as part of her upbringing. Indeed, in terms of its infrastructure, Vilamoura is an excellent example of the balanced blend of community and services that British families looking to move to Portugal need.

Villas and apartments are surrounded by an extensive modern infrastructure and all the community services required for a vibrant touristic town. Vilamoura delivers a wide range of lifestyle choices and leisure opportunities, including an international award-winning marina, seemingly endless beaches, five renowned championship golf courses, world-class equestrian facilities, water and land-based sports facilities and high-quality education and health facilities. For discerning Brits, it is the whole package.

For more information, call: +351 914 071 129 or visit www.vilamouraworld.com 

About Vilamoura World

Vilamoura World (VW) is the Master Planner of the touristic town of Vilamoura a popular and attractive destination in the Algarve. VW is responsible for the promotion of residential, touristic and hotel plots within the Vilamoura estate of 1,700 hectares. It offers a range of land plots ready for development and master planned to complement existing amenities. VW also offers unique turnkey residential units for sale.

VW´s land bank available for development comprises of a total buildable (Gross Construction Area) of 569,000 square metres of residential, touristic, hotel and retail accommodation. It owns the centrepiece of Vilamoura, the long-term concession to operate Portugal’s largest Marina with 825 berths which has a multi-international award-winning track record. In partnership with the local infrastructure company Inframoura and the local council of Loule, VW delivers comprehensive, long-term focused management of the town of Vilamoura.