Dogs are welcome at an increasing number of holiday homes

Cornwall, Devon and Yorkshire are among the UK’s most dog-friendly holiday destinations, according to a new report by Dog Friendly Retreats. The dog-friendly holiday company has created a map to show the country’s top destinations ranked by the number of self-catering properties that welcome canine visitors. Cornwall came top of the list with a staggering 3,066 holiday homes available for dog owners and their four-legged friends. Next up are Devon and Yorkshire with 2,641 and 2,306 properties for dog-loving holidaymakers respectively. Website founder Josh Williams commented: “It has been an interesting exercise to plot the UK’s most dog-friendly regions on a map. It shows in a quick glance format where dogs and their owners are most likely to find a wide choice of holiday accommodation.”

The new infographic ranks regions by the number of holiday properties available on the website.

The UK’s top ten dog-friendly holiday destinations are:

  1. Cornwall (3,066 cottages)
  2. Devon (2,461 cottages)
  3. Yorkshire (2,306 cottages)
  4. Norfolk (1,602 cottages)
  5. Cumbria (1346 cottages)
  6. Gwynedd (982 cottages)
  7. Northumberland (881 cottages)
  8. Dorset (864 cottages)
  9. Pembrokeshire (724 cottages)
  10. Suffolk (586 cottages)

Cornwall’s position at the top of the list is not surprising. It is the nation’s most popular holiday destination and has been voted number one in the British Travel Awards for the last eight years running. Around four million visitors per year flock to the county for its amazing beaches, spectacular scenery, picturesque towns and villages, unique heritage and great food and drink.

With so much to see and do around Cornwall, it’s only natural that many holidaymakers want to bring their dog with them. Dogs love the long sandy beaches, coastal paths, woodland trails, gardens and dog-friendly attractions, cafés and pubs. The map of the top dog-friendly holiday destinations shows that there’s definitely a preference for holiday accommodation in rural areas, where owners can walk their dogs by the coast or in the countryside.

The top ten counties are all beautiful places to visit with a dog. Special mentions also go to the Scottish regions of Inverness (263 cottages) and Argyll and Bute (204 cottages), as well as Anglesey in Wales (541 cottages), which have an exceptional number of dog-friendly holiday cottages despite being sparsely populated. Josh Williams added: “We’ve had great fun creating this map. Hopefully dog owners will find it interesting and use it to get ideas for their next holiday adventure.”

Your dog can go on holiday with you!

Dog Friendly Retreats has the UK’s largest online collection of dog-friendly holiday properties. It lists over 24,000 pet-friendly cottages and holiday homes all over the country from the tip of Scotland to the toe of Cornwall. Established just three years ago, the website has grown to become a huge resource of inspiration for dog owners looking for unique and interesting places to stay for a break away with their dog. All self-catering properties on the site allow at least one dog. Many allow two or more dogs. There are even three holiday homes on the site that allow nine or more dogs!

For more information about the UK’s most dog-friendly holiday destinations, visit the Dog Friendly Retreats website.