The Algarve comes out top as the ultimate family-friendly destination

Planning the perfect family holiday is no easy task, with parents facing the challenge to keep their children entertained, happy and safe in a completely new location for a week or two. From ensuring there are hotels and restaurants that regularly cater to family needs, checking the area has plenty of activities the children will love and keeping flight and transport time to a minimum, there are multiple factors that contribute to the perfect family holiday. Columbus Direct reveal Europe’s ultimate family-friendly destinations here:

The Top 5 Family-friendly Destinations Include:



Overall Score


Algarve, Portugal



Cornwall, UK



Mallorca, Spain



Corsica, France



Tenerife, Canary Islands


The Algarve takes the crown as the top family-friendly destination in Europe

The Algarve, Portugal, tops the leaderboard as the ultimate family-friendly destination with an impressive score of 78/100 – which is over 10 points higher than any other location. Sitting along the southern coastline of Portugal, this destination is famous for its golden beaches, quaint fishing towns and awe-inspiring caves.

Attracting around four million visitors each year, from families to young couples, the Algarve is the perfect destination to take young children and keep them entertained. This destination holds the second-highest number of activities deemed child-friendly with a total of 400. The Algarve really does have something for everyone in the family to enjoy, from waterparks, zoos and boat trips to see wild dolphins.

In addition, this destination shows off an impressive 275 family-friendly hotels, and a staggering 2,529 restaurants that cater for children. Having such a high number of child-friendly restaurants and hotels takes enormous pressure off parents and makes key moments of the day, such as meal times far less stressful.

Reaching this sunny paradise takes under three hours and the city centre is just seven kilometres away from the airport, so little ones won’t be sitting around for too long before they reach their highly anticipated destination.

Cornwall is the second-best family-friendly destination

Staycations are on the rise, with 2018 seeing 59 million trips taken within the UK, up by 6% since 2016. Our data shows that for families, a UK holiday may be the way forward, with Cornwall coming in as the second-best destination, scoring 64/100.

Cornwall is known for being extremely family friendly

This seaside spot along the English coast is famous for being the ultimate surfing capital, with the destination offering stunning beaches and amazing waves for tourists to enjoy. Cornwall is also known for being extremely family-friendly, coming out on top with the highest number of child-friendly activities at 437.

While the UK cannot match the temperatures of its European neighbours, the independent peninsula offers convenience for parents with plenty of hotels and restaurants that are well-catered to families. It is also just an hour’s flight away from London, or even a simple drive for some, therefore removing any airport stress for parents entirely.

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