A magical experience at Faarufushi

In a wonderfully remote part of the Raa Atoll in Maldives lies a beautiful, small coral island, offering the perfect combination of everything you could want from a indulgent Maldivian resort; powder-soft white sand beaches, luxury villas, swaying palm trees, lush vegetation and a stunning house reef, encased by crystal-clear tropical waters.

From snorkeling to diving, Faarufushi is a veritable paradise for ocean lovers, offering a rich house reef and a world-class dive center, offering guests the chance to explore the azure wonders beyond Faarufushi.

The house reef at Faarufushi is abundant in beautiful coral, both hard and soft, as well as a slew of marine fauna; visitors can expect to see schools of Butterflyfish, Parrotfish, Lagoon Triggerfish and scores of other vibrant marine life, such as Eagle Rays, Turtles and juvenile Reef Sharks.

The Lonu Dive Centre

Beyond Faarufushi, divers can explore striking Thila (an underwater mountain with a top reef between 5 – 15 meters), as they rise from the ocean floor to the surface, housing a multitude of corals, invertebrates and fish, alongside Manta Rays and larger Reef Sharks; or explore sunken untouched reefs, far from shore; home to enormous hard Brain and Table corals, large Groupers, Barracuda, Lionfish and Lobsters. The Lonu dive centre also offers expansive options on varying tiers of difficulty and qualification, offering the best of the thriving marine ecosystems in the Maldives. In the season (December to May), lucky visitors can snorkel with the gentle giants of the Indian Ocean, Whale Sharks.

The Centre is ideal for both beginners and experienced divers

For new divers, a complimentary orientation dive in the wide lagoon at Faarufushi can be taken, along with a range of educational dive courses ranging from discovering dive to a fully certified PADI Rescue Dive qualification. Guests can also experience PETER diving, a new kind of diving where the air supply is filtered directly from the surface.

This is a great option for anyone who is looking to build confidence under water, or who wants to take the first steps from snorkelling to diving. It operates without the need for buoyancy control devices and is extremely safe as divers are attached to a float on the surface.

This idyllic coral island, surrounding azure waters and excellent dive center make for an unforgettable dive experience. For more information, go on-line at: www.faarufushi.com