The lifestyle in the EU attracts many Britons

In a YouGov survey of 1,000 people, 23% of Brits said that they wouldn’t relocate to Europe because of Brexit, leaving an overwhelming majority who haven’t been put off such a move. This sits in stark contrast to over half (54%) of Brits who wouldn’t relocate to the US because of gun crime and nearly half (46%) who would avoid it because of President Trump.

The study, conducted by Crown Relocations – a global relocation and moving services company – found that a third would still move to Europe even if faced with a ‘no deal’ situation.

According to a YouGov poll taken shortly after the referendum, nearly two thirds (64%) of over-65s voted to leave the EU, and only 36% voted to remain. Yet Crown Relocation’s emigration research found that 50% of retirees considered Europe as it’s number one destination – more than any other age group, including only 26% of millennials.

In a statistic that reflects the Brexit vote – just over half (51%) of Brits are considering a move abroad – either now or in the future, with Europe the number one destination worldwide. Australia and New Zealand were voted second and the US third.

Brits consider Europe to be the safest destination globally. This is in comparison to the US which gained only 10% of the vote. Europe was also named as the easiest destination to move to by over half of the respondents, compared to the Middle East, named by just 2%. It’s also the friendliest and cheapest destination (36%) with traditionally good value destinations such as Asia coming much further down the list (13%).

Andy Buckle from Crown Relocations, comments: “Despite the nation voting to leave the EU, we still consider it our closest neighbour and our number one destination for a move abroad – especially if we’re looking to retire. Post-Brexit, it may not be as easy to relocate or emigrate to ex-member states and those considering a move will need to take expert advice.”

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