Travel and owning a home abroad are so closely interlinked that one cannot exist without the other. To get to your home in another country involves either getting on an aeroplane (and all that that involves!) or driving to one of the ports that dot the coastline of the UK and driving onto a ferry or using the Channel Tunnel.

While many people have holiday homes that are within the UK (Devon, Cornwall, Wales, all the way up through Lancashire and Yorkshire and into Scotland and across to Northern Ireland), the majority of such properties are in Europe.

They range from France to Spain and Portugal and in countries as far away as Greece, Turkey, Cyprus or across the Atlantic in US States such Florida and the Carolinas.

With all the changes that are taking place politically both in the UK and within the EU, nevertheless, for those who are thinking of buying or renting a home abroad, taking a cruise or simply having a skiing holiday, those same people need somewhere to stay.

UK and abroad

That’s where comes in. Since 2009, the web site has examined and written about hundreds of different property and travel possibilities, both in the UK and around the globe, and those same articles are still on the site. In addition, Homes&Travel is independent of any individual companies! The site reports on places and properties that hopefully will be of interest to its readers and it will continue to do so, some 10 years after it first appeared in print.

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Stewart Andersen – Editor