The new section is dedicated to the pleasures that the Italian Coast offers sea enthusiasts. Lovers of the deep are spoilt for choice, whether it’s exploring hidden coves, taking in the coastal landscape or joining in the many opportunities for water adventure. Situated in northwest Italy, Liguria is also known as the Italian Riviera. The long and narrow coastal region is recognized for its capital Genoa, the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Cinque Terre villages and for being the home of pesto. Liguria is known for its glorious beaches, beautifully preserved medieval villages, stunning mountains and unique cuisine.


The arc of the coast offers plenty of places to catch the waves. Levanto and Sanremo are rising stars of the surfing scene in both the east and the west. Sanremo is noted for its intimate Tre Ponti beach, while the Gulf of Levanto offers fantastic line-ups, where surfers catch the breaking waves. The rise in popularity of surfing here has paved the way for other destinations: Moneglia, Bogliasco, Recco, Lerici and Varazze – all frequented by experienced surfers. The ideal time for the activity is October to April, with a mild climate providing a pleasant temperature for surfing.

Diving and Snorkelling

Liguria offers an underwater paradise for those who venture below sea level. It’s here that the father of diving education, Duilio Marcante, made his first dives in the 1940’s and you’ll find underwater gems such as the Christ of the Abyss. There are diving centres throughout the Ligurian coast, allowing divers to explore Liguria’s water while having a wide range of equipment for hire. Scuba diving in Liguria has an interesting sea bed with overhanging walls, caves and wrecks. What really adds value for visitors are the Riviera’s Marine Protected Areas; the sea beds in Portofino’s Marine Protected Area are home to red corals and sponges, while divers can find rare black coral on the beds of the Cinque Terre’s Marine Protected Area.

Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddling

Exploring the Riviera with a canoe or kayak is one of the best ways to absorb Liguria’s coast. The entire area offers breath taking views and many places to go ashore. Sports associations offer canoeists the opportunity to explore the sea in an environmentally friendly way and guides are on hand. The beaches are home to many centres where visitors can hire equipment. Canoes and kayaks allow them to reach the remotest corners, including the archipelago of Palmaria.


With 330km of coastline Liguria is very popular with sailing enthusiasts. Each seaside resort has a sailing club, organising courses for beginner and intermediate sailors. It’s no coincidence that the Yacht Club of Italy was born in the city of Genoa, which also plays host to the International Boat Show. In addition, those who sail their own vessels can take part in one of the weekly regattas. For anyone seeking a sailing escape Liguria has more than 7,000 berths scattered between the east and west of the Riviera.

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