Expectations are high for the Turkish tourism industry in 2018, and one key player that will be cashing in on the glory is Dalaman Airport on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. At the end of April, the airline hub will unveil its new €250 million domestic terminal.

Dalaman Airport is a major transport hub for a number of tourist resorts

Construction for Dalaman Airport first started in 1976, and it opened its doors in 1981. It gained airport status in 1989. Covering more than 6,000,000 square metres of land, increased air traffic passengers are prompting YDA, the company in charge of management, to upgrade and modernise.

Turkish architect Emre Aralot designed the last modernisation project for the international terminal in 2006. Costing more than $150 million, it is the third largest terminal building in Turkey.

Major transport hub

With the ability to handle 35 flights at any given time, the average yearly passenger traffic for both the domestic and international terminals is 4,500,000. With parking spaces for 1,355 vehicles, Dalaman Airport is a major transport hub for the tourist resorts of Marmaris, Dalyan, Sarigerme, and the Fethiye region.

The New Terminal of Dalaman Airport

The new terminal that will open in late April 2018 is a long time in the making. With plans and financing approved in 2015, construction on the new terminal building also includes a power plant, new parking lot, and new terminal roads. Newly installed solar energy also makes the terminal energy efficient.

When the new terminal opens, the airport will have the capacity to deal with a total of approximately15 million passengers every year, and UK airlines are the first to be taking advantage of this.

TUI, Jet2 and EastJet are are all taking advantage of Turkey’s increasing aviation facilities

TUI has introduced another flight schedule from Manchester to Dalaman every Sunday during the tourism season. Jet2 has increased capacity on already existing routes and added an additional route from Birmingham to Dalaman, while EasyJet has focused on extra capacity from Liverpool to Dalaman. Flight schedules to Dalaman include from Bristol, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead and Manchester. Some of their flights will start from the end of March, adding an extra month to the typical tourist season of May to October.

Istanbul New Airport

The other star player in the aviation industry of Turkey and the world will be the Istanbul New Airport that is set to open its first phase of operation in October 2018. Once the airport is fully up and running, ten years later, it will be a global transport hub for domestic and international traffic as well as cargo.

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