Eco-features make for an exceptionally energy efficient home

A prefabricated house can provide better value than traditional construction and, if you select a quality provider, your home will be of higher quality than a traditionally constructed house, encompassing cost-effective, energy efficiency. WeberHaus builds houses with a millimetre tolerance in high-tech production sites to ensure the highest possible quality.


Prefabs are renowned for having lower carbon footprints and therefore better energy bills. Eco-warriors can relish the abundance of eco-options that WeberHaus has to offer. All WeberHaus homes offer minimum standard eco-features, including triple-glazed windows that also boost security with mushroom pins and 9-point door lock systems as standard, thermal insulation and heat-recovery ventilation.

Also, WeberHaus provide the same insulation value through thinner walls, and their builds are eco-friendly and offer more surface space! Time-efficiency is a huge positive for prefabs versus traditional construction. WeberHaus uses a closed-panel timber frame, constructed in its state-of-the-art factory by a skilled team. Each crucial layer of the highly insulated, breathable, timber frame walls is executed, with plumbing, doors and triple-glazed windows all fitted in the factory. Your home is then transported to site, and erected to be wind and waterproof in just 3 days.


Pre-fab houses are produced in the factory and then constructed on the site

The amazing thing about prefabs is that you can produce striking and innovative designs exactly as you envisaged them. If you have conservation requirements, and need your home to fit with external aesthetics, then this isn’t a problem. With WeberHaus pre-fab homes, you can design how you want your house to look, whether it’s a thatched cottage, red brick exterior or rendered finish. Later renovations are easily implemented, from adding a socket without opening a whole wall, to creating a new doorway without heavy work.

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