In the past three months there has been a 120 per cent increase in requests for information to purchase ‘Bed and Breakfast’ operations on Lake Como. Many clients are looking to move to Italy and this gives them the perfect opportunity to live the Italian dream while creating a small income and interest at the same time.

Lake Como is an  increasingly popular destination for British tourists

Not only this, but the number of visitors coming to Italy continues to show an upward trend. Just recently, on 1 April 2017, ConfCommercio released figures showing that there had been an increase in international visitors to Italy from 2001 to 2016 of 55% to a current 56 million visits. Given the publicity and attractions of EXPO2015, 2016 even showed a one per cent increase year on year, compared to 2015.

Around Lake Como, Bed and Breakfasts are widely used by the 80,000 British tourists that visit the lake each year, staying on average for four days. B&Bs are an extremely attractive proposition, as they are relatively easy to set up, although attention needs to be given to the particular requirements of the Region your property is located.

Taking the plunge

In Lombardy, for example, where Lake Como is located, there is no requirement to register for Italian VAT as long as you reside in the property, have a maximum of 4-bedrooms, and operate for no more than nine months in a year.

For anyone thinking of taking the plunge, we are marketing villas starting at €460,000, one almost lakefront and with its own jetty. There are also some traditional Liberty villas for renovation, all of which would create charming B&Bs.

Anyone more commercially minded amd wishing to open a more commercial venture, would also do well to look at Lake Como, where prices per night in high season can be extremely expensive. There are some exceptional lakefront parcels of land for sale, ideal for the right investor to create a 5-star resort.

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