Stewart Andersen discussed protecting funds set aside for the purchase of a property with Sylvain Asimus of Market Tutors.

Sylvain Asimus, of Market Tutors
Sylvain Asimus, of Market Tutors

Richard was a getting worried before the June Referendum. The odds for Remain were around 90% according to the bookies, but he couldn’t help fearing the worst for the house he and his American-born wife Judy were about to buy in Colorado. He had enough to finance the $140,000 deposit, even more than enough now that Pound had risen from 1.40 to 1.50 in the two weeks before the vote. This meant that the £100,000 he had originally put aside were now worth $150,000, an extra $10k in his pocket thanks to the Pound rising in anticipation of a comfortable Remain result.

However, that deposit money was still sitting in his UK account, inaccessible for another few weeks and hence, unconvertible into US Dollars. His initial delight gradually turned into anxiety, knowing full well that a vote to Leave – however improbable it seemed – could send his dream of mountain-biking with the kids near his new Denver home, crashing down with the British Pound.

He did know that there was some way to hedge his property’s currency exposure but was not quite sure how to go about it, until he sat down and discussed his problem with Sylvain Asimus from Market Tutors, a former Institutional Trader and Global Market Strategist, also known as the Financial Weatherman.

Sylvain’s mission has always been to convey the most complex concepts of finance into easily understandable terms, and he duly helped Richard build a simple short term hedging strategy that ‘neutralised’ his currency exposure, effectively averting disaster in the end, after Britain voted to Leave the EU.

Easily understandable terms

The Brexit situation has recently ‘reversed’ according to Sylvain, with overseas properties suddenly worth around 20% more, thanks to the relentless depreciation of the Pound. “We get a lot of inquiries from owners and investors asking about ways to cash in on this sudden windfall or how to lock in these ‘virtual’ gains for the future,” explained Sylvain. More importantly, we aim to help those who want to protect and diversify their portfolios and investments with online trading, which can be done tax-free from anywhere in the world and significantly add to income, provided you are well informed and trained.

“When it comes to trading products and education there is so much on offer out there, sometimes of dubious quality, sometimes outright fraud. That is why we formed a select group of experienced market experts called Market Tutors, to take individuals like Richard by the hand and guide him through the pitfalls of trading and give him the confidence to make the right decisions without being petrified. People who come to us are often well-educated, intelligent and successful professionals and entrepreneurs, who may have traded previously or are considering taking that daunting step, but do not exactly know where to start, what markets to trade or simply who to trust.”

An ethical and holistic approach

Sylvain continued: “The tremors in the markets following Brexit have created new perils as well as opportunities, whether in property, currencies, shares or gold, to name a few. We take an ethical and holistic approach to trading and education and like to keep things intimate, so that our students can fully engage with their mentors, to overcome their fears and emerge as confident traders. Our next weekend seminar in November for example will feature seven tutors with more than 150 years experience between them, but there are only 40 places for this unique two day event.”

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