Barcelona’s reputation as the ‘ultimate lifestyle destination’ is being further enhanced following an influx of super rich real estate investors looking to expand their portfolios beyond traditional property hotspots such as New York, Paris and London.

This is a fabulous eight bedroom home overlooking Barcelona and situated on a large private plot. Price: €12.9 million
A fabulous eight bedroom home overlooking Barcelona and situated on a large private plot, the price is: €12.9 million

In the last few years, Lucas Fox International Properties has seen increasing numbers of clients with budgets over 10 million Euros, keen to add Barcelona property to their real estate portfolios. The company’s latest venture, LF Luxe, targets these affluent buyers, who have seen Barcelona transform itself into a prosperous, global city since the Olympic games in 1992.

In the last decade or so, Barcelona`s status as a leading gastronomic and cultural hub has spread beyond Europe’s borders, drawing in entrepreneurs and businessmen from all over the world, as well as some big name celebrities – including Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, who bought a large city centre pad in 2013. The city’s ‘golden couple’, singer Shakira and FC Barcelona star Gerard Pique, are currently building a spectacular home in the city’s outskirts, providing an additional glamorous vibe to this already buzzing coastal metropolis.

Last year saw the launch of Barcelona’s Superyacht Marina, ideally positioned in the heart of the city and which regularly welcomes Roman Abramovich’s fleet of yachts. Culinary superstardom is now within the Catalan capital’s reach, reflected in the city’s 23 Michelin starred restaurants and numerous exciting new venues emerging almost on a daily basis

Major International Chains

Barcelona’s own globally recognized fashion brands such as Desigual and Zazo & Brull have encouraged major international chains to make the city a key part of their strategy for flagship store openings in Southern Europe. This is because of the strength of ‘Brand Barcelona’ – traditionally linked to fashion and its football club – and because of the growing number of tourists visiting the city each year.

With eight en-suite bedrooms, this property is located in the Ciudad Diagonal district
With eight en-suite bedrooms, this property is located in the exclusive Ciudad Diagonal district. Price: €16 million

“Barcelona is a very seductive city” explains Lucas Fox co-founder Alexander Vaughan “Progressive, creative and constantly re-inventing itself, it has always attracted a discerning, creative crowd but now we are seeing new wave of very wealthy investors, who recognize the city’s global appeal as well as its growth potential. A number of high profile industry leaders, businessmen and personalities such as Ronnie Wood have chosen to buy through Lucas Fox in recent years and, as Barcelona continues to establish itself as one of the world’s leading cities, we believe this trend is set to continue”

Lucas Fox’s property portfolio offers numerous handpicked homes at unprecedented luxury levels. Here are two of the best:

For12.9 million:  a spectacular eight bedroom villa overlooking Barcelona and situated on one of the largest privately owned plots in the whole of the city. “This is a one-off property with a fascinating history” explains David Franks, who deals with the company’s high end clients “Operatic soprano Montserrat Caballé was said to have sung from the watch tower and former Catalan President Luis Companys was believed to have hidden in the basement during the start of the Franco regime.”

For €16 million: one of the city`s most prestigious properties in the exclusive Ciudad Diagonal district, home to the city`s glitterati. The property boasts eight en-suite bedrooms, several entertainment rooms, an infinity pool, extensive gardens, terraces on all levels, a home cinema, a golf simulator and parking for eight cars.

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