HomeServe is offering homeowners and landlords across the UK a helping hand – as the nation gears up for colder winter months – by launching a new ‘Seasonal House’, showcasing a range of essential tips for the season.

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This is the HomeServe Seasonal House

As the UK gears up for colder, wintry weather1, the ‘HomeServe Seasonal House’ has been launched to offer advice on how to take care of simple jobs around the home, such as how to unblock drains and fix cold radiators, as well as giving preventative guidance on everything from draught proofing to making sure pipes are protected from freezing and bursting.

The Seasonal House – available by visiting – also pinpoints how to spot potential problems to ensure they don’t lead to expensive repairs later.

“There are many simple steps people can take around the home in the weeks and months leading up to the peak of winter,” explained Greg Reed, Chief Marketing Officer at HomeServe. “By taking care of a few things now, homeowners and landlords really can protect their properties and limit their chances of facing something more serious, and potentially more expensive, later.

“This is a time of year when tradesmen can be trickier to get hold of and nobody wants their Christmas ruined by a broken boiler, busted pipes or no hot water – especially if they have friends and family over – so we really hope both homeowners and landlords take a few moments to take a look at our Seasonal House and free winter tips to make sure they are well prepared this winter.”

All the tips are presented in an interactive graphic, which users can navigate for information by clicking on ‘heat spots’ where issues around the home might be most likely to occur.

“We hope that homeowners and landlords will use the Seasonal House to make sure they are not only ready for winter, but also aware of the benefits of carrying out a little bit of work to prepare for the colder months”, added Reed.

1 The launch of the HomeServe Seasonal House follows a report from independent forecasters Netweather predicting further ‘significant’ temperature drops in early January, with ‘other major cold snaps’ impacting the UK throughout the rest of winter –;sess.

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