The reaction follows a report in the EU Observer detailing the response the EU is preparing after statistics regarding chronic diseases show a worrying increase in the amount of people that need access to care.

Europe’s healthcare systems are preparing for rising costs of treatment

As Europe’s population grows older, the Continent is becoming exposed to a different kind of health problem, as the recent statistics released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggest two thirds of people reaching retirement age have at least two chronic conditions. On top of this, one in three of Europe’s population over the age of 15 already has a chronic disease.

These conditions are slow-progressing, irreversible illnesses such as diabetes, respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular diseases. The number is expected to grow, and Europe’s healthcare systems are preparing for rising costs of treatment, which in turn will mean healthcare expenses for residents in countries that do not already subsidise costs, will inevitably rise.

The European Commission believe somewhere between 70 and 80 per cent of healthcare budgets across the EU are currently being spent on the treatment of chronic diseases. The incoming EU Health Commissioner. Vytenis Andriukaitis. has stated that he will ‘support efforts to make health systems more efficient and innovative, so that they can provide equal healthcare to all citizens’.

In terms of British nationals with chronic conditions travelling abroad, the research into the available healthcare in their destination of choice is more important than ever. While Europe struggles to deal with the vast number of treatments for patients, precautions must be taken to avoid being left without access to care should it be needed.

Travelling Abroad

A spokesperson for Europe EHIC Services Ltd, an independent distributor of the free NHS European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), has released a statement following the news. ‘As a company which deals with numerous requests from people in need of assistance with the application or renewal process for the EHIC card, we are aware of the diverse range of people that suffer from various ailments and diseases.

‘The new report released by the WHO shines a light on the severity of the Continent’s problem with chronic conditions, and as a result, we believe the EHIC has never been so important for those of us travelling abroad. Such is the nature of many of these diseases, treatment may be needed out of the blue and the last thing those suffering want is to be faced with extra costs for healthcare.’

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