Carlos Bay is in a glorious location in Mauritius

Carlos Bay is in a glorious location on the hillside of La Tourelle in Mauritius. Overlooking the village of Tamarin, it has panoramic views over Tamarin Bay and the iconic mountains of Rempart and Trois Mamelles. The most important aspect of this project is its integration in the challenging sloping site and its beautiful surroundings. Strict guidelines and design criteria apply in these mountainous areas.

Construction at Carlos Bay is now underway to provide 18 residential units of five varying types. These will be divided into five blocks that have been laid out on different platforms on the sloping site to optimise the panoramic ocean view and preserve the existing landscape.

Natural materials such as timber screens, basalt stones and crushed corals are being incorporated to blend the buildings into their surroundings. The upper level of Blocks A to D is entirely dedicated to an impressive 325m² penthouse. It has a ground floor entrance, private staircase, lift and two covered parking spaces. Luxurious living and dining rooms open on to a large terrace with a plunge pool and are complemented by a large kitchen. An office is also included while four sumptuous, en suite bedrooms each have a terrace or balcony with mountain or bay views.

Incentives and Advantages

Carlos Bay
Construction is now underway at  Carlos Bay to provide 18 residential units

Mauritius is known for its political and social stability and possesses a prosperous economy along with a dynamic financial sector, modern infrastructure and a free port. The Mauritian government encourages foreign investments and has created a favorable environment for investment, offering a whole range of incentives to attract direct foreign investment and institutional investors.

The RES scheme provides other advantages to foreign buyers. The first is that when a property of 500,000 USD or more is purchased, the buyer acquires a residence permit for himself, his/her spouse and children under the age of 21 years. As a resident the buyer may then reap the benefits of living and doing business in Mauritius. Other attractive advantages for foreign nationals to invest in immovable property in Mauritius are:


Mauritius has a dynamic financial sector, modern infrastructure and a free port

Mauritius is more and more accessible to international visitors with direct flights to numerous destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Further flights are also available through Dubai on Emirates Airline which connects to Mauritius twice daily.

An attractive tax system

The tax rate in Mauritius is one of the lowest in the world. The scheme is very flexible, making business simple. The main taxes of the Mauritian system are as follows:

– 15% tax on the profits of companies

– 15%tax on private incomes

– No tax on capital gains (CGT)

– No tax on dividends

– No inheritance taxes

– No limit on the transfer of profits, dividends and capital

– 80% tax credits for offshore companies – GBL1 (actual tax rate of 3%)

Mauritius has also signed and ratified treaties of non-double taxation with 33 countries including China, Italy, Luxembourg, Rwanda, South Africa and many other countries.

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