We all know, whether we live in the UK or own a home in the sun, how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. And you simply can’t do that if your bedding makes you too hot, too cold or plain, old fashioned uncomfortable.

Whatever the climate, this a great way to a good nights sleep
Whatever the climate, this a great way to a good nights sleep

Now new technology to reinvent something as simple as the duvet is having a huge impact on the quality of our sleep and Smartfil® is one of these revolutionary new products.

Developed exclusively by The Fine Bedding Company, Smartfil® is a unique brand of fibres that is making synthetic duvets right up there with natural ones for breathability, snuggle-ability and durability – but with added benefits too.

Smartfil® is a blend of tiny, fine fibres coated in a unique diamond-tough silicone layer that’s silky-soft to touch. There are two types of the product fibres – Smartfil®Air used in duvets and Smartfil®Clusters used in pillows.

In duvets, the Smartfil®Air micro fibres slide without friction over each other thanks to the silicone glaze, resulting in duvets that deliver unrivalled airflow (better breathability) and drape; and are also cleverly layered in such a way as to provide the lightest fibre filling for its warmth (tog rating) on the market.

Light and silky to the touch, Smartfil®Air products drape around the contours of the body, and also work like micro fibre sportswear fabric –it keeps you warm but also cleverly wicks away humidity.

It is also ultra-washable (in a domestic machine at 60 degrees – the temperature that kills dust mites) and, thanks to the diamond-tough coating, products are extremely long lasting; the feel will never deteriorate, staying soft and springy for a lifetime.

In pillows, Smartfil®Clusters settle into even distribution around the head and neck, delivering support, cushioning and plumpness.

Natural fillings are becoming increasingly a problem for allergy-suffers, the numbers of which definitely increasing. Whilst being ultra light and silky soft, the product is also non-allergenic and outperforms down thanks to its unique coating.

For more information, go to: www.finebedding.co.uk

(Breathability: The unique manufacturing process creates air percolation, therefore allowing greater air flow through the product. Breathability helps to regulate body temperature preventing you from becoming too hot or cold.  If you get too hot or too cold you won’t sleep well so the more breathable the micro fibre the better. Sleeping with a duvet that’s breathable will enhance your sleep experience as your body temperature will be regulated.)