Presenting your home well is key to securing a quick sale and getting the best price for your property, with experts claiming that a clean and tidy home can add up to £5,000 to the value.[i]  Simply making a few quick home improvements such as renting some storage space can make all the difference. Follow these steps from storage experts Shurgard on sprucing up your home ready for prospective buyers.

Make sure
Make sure you take some simple steps to ensure that your home is ready to sell

1. De-clutter: Clutter is one of the top 20 turn offs for prospective buyers[ii]. Put any items that aren’t used on a daily basis like kitchen gadgets, books and DVDs away in the loft or in storage.

2. Make minor repairs: Sort out those nagging little jobs you’ve not got round to doing. Cracked tiles, holes in walls, leaky taps and ill-fitting doors will not go unnoticed.

3. De-clutter on the inside too: Over-full garages, wardrobes and cupboards are a big turn-off as they give the impression of a lack of storage space. Free up space by renting storage, keeping only essential items in your house.

4. Freshen up: A lick of neutral paint can work wonders to freshen up your house and appeal to the widest spectrum of buyers. Replacing soft furnishings, old tiling and lino will help too.

5. First impressions count: Have a look at the exterior of your house – does it have curb appeal? Ensure the garden is tidy, and consider re-painting your front door.

6. De-personalise: Potential buyers should be able to imagine themselves living in the house, so remove any personal ornaments and photos too – particularly posters in kids’ bedrooms.

7. Clean up: It’s essential that your house is spotless before any viewings take place. Consider investing in some professional cleaners – they will leave everything sparkling.

8. Create open space: Moving furniture can open up huge amounts of space in rooms and create a clean, open look. Try putting non-essential items of furniture such as bookcases and additional chairs into storage and see what a difference it makes.

9. The outside room: Showcase your garden as a room in itself – people like to entertain, so set up a table and chairs. As with the interior, keep your garden tidy, putting children’s toys and other extra items into storage.

10. Target your buyer: e.g. if you’ve converted your spare room into an office, move the office furniture into storage and set up a bed to appeal to a young couple.

Duncan Bell, VP Operations at Shurgard, comments: “First impressions count as buyers tend to make up their minds in the first few minutes, so those looking to make a quick sale must ensure their home makes a good impression. Putting clutter in storage is an economical way to give your home a new lease of life, alongside some simple home improvements.”

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