Barry Koolen, Regional Managing Director, Crown Relocations

Barry Koolen, Regional Managing Director, Crown Relocations looks at the trend among Britons to find a home and a job in another country.


“Global trade has undoubtedly transformed the world of business, including where we live. In fact, according to recent research, the UK is now Europe’s largest exporter of people.

“1.16 million UK nationals have moved overseas in the last year, but this positive figure doesn’t necessarily mean all countries have an equal appeal. Some nations which previously saw Britons flock to their shores are experiencing fluctuations in demand – such as Australia, where in 2005 Britons made up 23 per cent of the total migrant population.

“Tighter visa restrictions mean we’ve seen migration to Australia drop by 23.4 per cent over the past year, but the desire to move abroad is still strong for Britons, who are exploring other opportunities elsewhere. New Zealand, Canada and the UAE are emerging as some of the more desirable destinations for UK expatriates, whilst less likely choices are also proving popular.

Britain is one of the largest exporters of people – lifestyle can definitely be a factor

“The lure of these nations could be due in part to the growth of various industries. In Dubai and Qatar, opportunities in the construction sector are rife, whilst Canada’s energy industry has shown green shoots of promise for the future.

“Africa is another destination which many of our clients are beginning to branch into. While it might prove appealing to businesses, professionals could be put off by the immense differences in culture and security infrastructure compared to the UK.

“Professionals moving to another country therefore need guidance and reassurance in order to ensure they have a successful assignment. Spousal, immigration and relocation support can make a big difference, and provide assistance in helping professionals to settle into a new life abroad.”

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