Sarah Beeny
Sarah Beeny’s new site, Tepilo, which launched late last year, has discovered the average house move could burn off up to 5,000 calories, the equivalent to 33 bars of chocolate

Sarah Beeny, founder of online estate agents Tepilo, today reveals how a house move may be stressful emotionally, but could do wonders for your body!

The revolutionary new website, which allows users to put their house up for sale for as little as £600, has today revealed the results of a little experiment they set some house movers around the country, urging them to use a pedometer while moving. When taking the average from the results, the stats were very surprising, and saw the average house move could burn off up to 5,000 calories. That’s the equivalent to 33 bars of chocolate!

The new site, which launched late last year, set five people who were taking part in different levels of a house move the pedometer task, including one spanning over seven days and one for just a day. Will Cooke, 27, from London, racked up 17,029 steps in one day while moving in-between flats, with his housemate being the laziest of the pair and only achieving 12,500. Using a pedometer calculator, with an average weight of 180lbs for a man walking at 3mph, this racked up 850 calories lost. With the average move lasting 5-7 days all together, this could equate to the average person losing 1.5lbs during the week of the move.

Whether you are moving within the UK or abroad, this might be your opportunity to get fit
Whether you are moving within the UK or abroad, this might be your opportunity to get fit

Co-founder of Tepilo, Sarah Beeny commented: “I’d always been so curious about burning calories during the big move. I’ve worked in the housing industry for years now, so I know how tough it can be when you’re in the mix of it. The constant lifting of boxes, running up and down the stairs, going back and forth between the old and new digs, it’s a hard slog! However, just how many calories the average move burns was a real shock. I might cancel my gym membership now, it looks like moving house will keep me just as trim!”

Personal trainer, Luke Grahame from Tough Love Cardiff Personal Training commented: “All exercise, from Powerlifting to Zumba, is fundamental human movement and moving home certainly provides plenty of it! I’m a huge fan of loaded ‘carrys’ (picking up a heavy object and moving with it – sound familiar?) for calorie burning and core development.”

For those who want to really make the most of a calorie-munching move, here’s a couple of ideas:

The Box Squat: Pick up said box and grasp firmly. Keeping your feet flat on the ground, sit back and down until your bottom is parallel to your knees. Stand up, then repeat 10 -15 times, remembering to keep your back straight and core engaged. A great exercise targeting the bottom, legs, and core – though beware the one box with the badly sticky taped underside and fragile crockery…

The StairMaster: Life is fast and stairs should be too! Don’t walk, run! It’s not complicated, just attack the stairs as if your life depends on it. Obviously this is for when you’re going UP and not down with a heavy box, unless becoming an unfortunate YouTube sensation is on your bucket list.

Put That Cookie Down: It may come as a surprise, but there is no 11th Commandment that states that furniture moving must be accompanied by swathes of Custard Creams. Don’t undo all the good work by snacking on junk!

National survey

Tepilo also revealed last week the results of a surprising national survey, unveiling that two thirds of Brits aren’t even looking to buy or sell when searching for properties online. Dubbed ‘Property Porn’, the most popular answer for this new trend in online searches was due to being ‘nosy’ and wanting to see ‘how the other half live’.

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