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After years of economic doom and gloom plunging dreams of buying a place in the sun, and especially Greece, into darkness, the light appears to have been switched on, with a raft of positive data coming together.

Falasana Beach
Falasana Beach

Research from Rightmove and A Place In The Sun have identified Greece as now being a prime destination for UK buyers looking to buy a home abroad.

And of those, some 85 per cent will decide to buy in Crete. This fact has already been recognised by Ryanair which has made Chania International Airport in western Crete a ‘hub’ serving the UK and Europe.

The UK property market is emerging from the doldrums allowing vendors to capitalise on their assets – sterling is looking to break through the 1.20 barrier against the euro – and there have been record breaking levels of visitors to Greece. These are all positive indicators feeding a pent-up demand of Brits anxious to buy a home in the sun.

Comments Mike Saunders, Marketing Director of Snobby Homes in Crete, “All our sales are to Britons coming up to retirement, seeking a permanent move to Crete because they’re fed up and tired of cold winters, worrying about energy costs and knowing their pensions are sufficient to afford a far better quality of life in Crete than back in the UK.”

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