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Firm of solicitors, Judicare, has announced that Peter Esders joined its team from 1 January 2013. Peter is a highly experienced English solicitor who has been dealing with international legal issues for around 20 years, mainly with Spain. He was born in Spain to British parents and grew up in Spain and also Latin America.

Peter studied law both in the UK and in Spain and is known as a specialist in that area, having appeared as an expert in the media as well as having presented hundreds of seminars on international property and law and sat on numerous panels as an expert at property exhibitions.

Judicare believe that Peter’s experience is a great addition to the team – he often understands the history of a problem, which can in itself lead to answers and solutions.

Always take legal advice when you are buying a property, whether in the UK or abroad
Always take legal advice when you are buying a property, whether in the UK or abroad

Peter is also on the Board of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), which is a body that aims out to try and regulate the overseas property industry. Peter’s former firm was one of the founder members of AIPP and he regularly sits on and chairs disciplinary panels brought against other members of AIPP.

Judicare’s CEO Neil Heaney added: “Judicare have been helping clients with their legal issues abroad for a number of years and the firm has become a leader in issues ranging from conveyancing and probate issues to complex litigation involving property. We are able to solve problems that, without the advantages of relevant local expertise and knowledge many other firms are unable to do.

“To have someone with Peter’s experience and reputation within the International Property sector join us is a huge boost for Judicare and one which we are certain will enhance our services and provide further evidence of our determination to provide trusted advice in this arena.”

Peter Esders will soon be contributing a regular, monthly feature on

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