David Pardoe

Following the announcement of the rural themed Olympic ceremony which will transform the Olympic stadium into an idyllic British countryside, David Pardoe, director at the Chesterton Humberts rural division in Salisbury, investigates how this could be valued if it were to exist.

“Whilst acreage and productivity may be the usual factors that one might consider in valuing a farm, location and local climate are also important.  Stratford might not have (as yet) the rural cachet of some other areas in the South of England, but it is near Central London and so might be attractive to the “Lifestyle buyers” – especially the more athletic ones. Also, whilst Stratford is not currently known for its agricultural output, the farm will apparently have its own weather system, able to produce rain “on tap” – or not – so it might be a very good place to grow fruit or vegetables…there should be a thriving market for healthy foods nearby.

The Olympic Opening Ceremony will feature rural England

“At its actual size we estimate that the Olympic Farm’s agricultural value could be as much as £25,000, whereas if scaled up to “real life size” it might sell for up to £2,500,000 in some parts of the country – either way, I note that the Opening Ceremony is going to cost £27,000,000….

“All in all “Olympic Farm” should be a very attractive and valuable property – so long as the buyer does not mind being overlooked!”

For more information contact David Pardoe in Chesterton Humberts’ rural division in Salisbury or visit www.chestertonhumberts.com.