You’ve bought a home abroad and returned to the UK. You’re remembering just how you happy you are with your new property when suddenly you wonder: “I hope it’s safe and sound. I wish I could take a look to make sure.”

Jabbakam keeps an eye on your home when you're not there

This is a concern for many of those who own a home abroad. It’s a quick way to lose friends if you’re forever asking them to pop in every other day to check on the security of your new home. Until recently, homeowners would have to wait until they got off the plane and opened their front door to find out how things really were.

It was when James Wickes woke up at 4am to find four men trying to break into his house that things started to change. He looked into the CCTV market, thought it was expensive, complicated and technologically past it and he invented something that wasn’t.

If you want to make sure your home’s safe and secure while you’re away or simply playing a round of golf, a Jabbakam can act as your eyes and ears. It’s a simple plug and play IP security camera, which works hand-in-hand with a social networking site, much like Facebook.

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Attach the camera to your router and a power source, point it at your chosen area, login to and you’re up and running. If you want to check the cleaner isn’t dancing around the house in your Jimmy Choos while you’re sunning yourself in Santorini, all you do is set your camera to motion detection and you can receive emails or a text when there is any camera activity.

  • Jabbakam is an online system, much like Facebook, for managing camera networks – a social network for community safety and a natural progression from neighbourhood watch.
  • Jabbakam allows users to view recorded footage remotely, on Internet-connected PCs, laptops, smartphones or PDAs, with a secure platform that ensures only authorised network members can view the footage they have been given permission to view.
  • Community-installed cameras aren’t as though Big Brother and the State are watching you. Rather, it’s the community itself making the environment safe by deterring unwanted activity.
  • The uses for Jabbakam are endless. Imagine you set up a network for your exotic car lovers group on Facebook. You could organise a ‘follow the sun’ security watch on your, and other people’s cars, which would be entirely run over the Internet. A guy in Mumbai could watch things for you during the night, and you could do the same for someone else in Michigan during the day.

Jabbakam has a wide range of uses but above all, it’s one piece of technology that really gives you peace of mind.

To find out more go to The unit costs £59.95