• London and the North West have the highest concentration of celebrities in Britain
  • Those looking to raise the next David Beckham or Cheryl Cole should avoid East Anglia and Northern Ireland
  • FindaProperty.com reveals the UK hotbeds for British talent

Where you’re brought-up could determine whether you achieve musical, sporting, literary and acting stardom, according to new analysis(1) from property portal FindaProperty.com.

The study, looking at where Britain’s top celebrities grew up, highlights certain areas of the UK that act as hotspots for breeding celebrity success, with clusters of stars with particular talents born and brought-up in each district.

Unsurprisingly, London comes out on top when it comes to celebrity hotspots, with those growing up in the capital enjoying an 80% greater chance of finding fame. Other regions with a high concentration of celebs include the North West, Wales and Scotland, while the areas less likely to produce the next David Beckham or Cheryl Cole include the South West, the East of England and Northern Ireland.

When it comes to specific trades, Hammersmith in West London is a hotspot for film stars, with Hollywood stars Alan Rickman, Daniel Radcliffe and Hugh Grant all growing up in the area. Fans of soap operas, meanwhile, could do worse than moving Bury in Greater Manchester, which has produced a string of actors currently starring in Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale.

Manchester also has a strong tradition of producing rock bands, with Oasis (Burnage), Joy Division (Salford), Elbow (Bury), The Smiths (Manchester) and the recently reunited Stone Roses just a few of the bands providing inspiration for aspiring rock stars across the city.

When it comes to current chart music, North London is the UK’s hotbed with Adele, Eliza Doolittle and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos all hailing from the area. North London is also a good place to look for future X Factor winners, with Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke both hailing from Islington.

Samantha Baden, property analyst at FindaProperty.com, commented: “While it may seem fanciful to say that being brought-up in a particular town or village could affect your future career, the reality is that the education, physical environment and leisure facilities in an area have a huge impact on what people do and learn, particularly children and young people.

“Excellent sporting facilities in a town will breed success and create role models that other children look up to and hope to emulate, and some of those role models will go on to achieve national, and even international, success. That’s what we think we are seeing here and why certain areas in the UK appear to be hotspots for musical, acting and sporting talent.

“This in turn has a direct impact on the housing market, people who want their children to succeed in a particular field will often look to locate close to facilities that their children use or value. Equally good schools providing tailored education are a huge draw for families.”

1 Analysis conducted by DPG on a list of 1,000 living celebrities from the British Isles. The hometown of each celebrity is assessed by their primary location during the ages of formal education.