The RedBook Agency, which launches today, is a new service that helps clients from around the world find and select the ideal architect and landscape designer for their project from among the brightest talents in Britain.

British architects and landscape designers enjoy a hard-earned reputation as world leaders, yet prospective clients often find the right practice hard to identify. No wonder – Britain has 33,000 architects and no limit to the numbers calling themselves landscape-designers.

The RedBook Agency offers a way to spotlight the finest talent in the UK.

The agency will offer architects and landscape designers:

  • A way to enter new sectors or to expand a practice in new directions
  • An easier way to meet the best new clients from all those who approach them
  • A means of winning valuable new projects for the practices represented, through intelligent and highly targeted marketing, and PR and leveraging the Agency’s extensive contacts.

The benefits include:

  • matching new clients to architects and landscape designers and ensuring that expectations are happily met on both sides
  • No joining fees or other upfront expenses for practices represented by Red Book
  • Recognition as one of the UK’s finest talents

Prospective clients looking for a creative partner often have to rely on word of mouth which can be a slow process, yielding only one or two names. And who can be sure whether an architect or landscape designer recommended informally will provide the best possible match of vision, personality or budget?

Sandy Mitchell of RedBook

By using RedBook, clients receive tailored, independent advice on a wide range of the very best practices, so that they can then make an informed selection of architect or landscape designer. All prospective clients will be interviewed by Red Book’s team in person at the outset to assess their needs and commitment – and to form an initial view of the appropriate match.

The RedBook team members will then liaise with practices—giving them a brief on the client’s project—to ensure the client and the project truly appeals. Only then is the client put in touch with the practice.  Neither the client nor the practice is under any obligation to accept a particular introduction from the Agency.

RedBook will represent up to 30 of the UK’s finest architecture practices while the landscape design practices will be limited to 20.

The practices represented by RedBook cover the spectrum – from designing visionary contemporary buildings to restoring historic houses, from creating cutting-edge landscapes to traditional town or country gardens – and they include the most experienced practitioners as well as brilliant young ‘stars of tomorrow’.

Exacting membership standards

The practices work in every corner of Britain, and vary greatly in size of practice just as they do in their fees. Yet all these practices share two qualities: exceptional talent and the highest degree of peer-respect.

To make certain this exclusive ‘club’ retains its exacting membership standards, RedBook relies on a top flight advisory panel to select practices of the right calibre. The panel includes Clive Aslet, an expert on British architecture; Jeremy Musson, the architectural historian; Dominic Bradbury, architecture and design commentator; Sir Roy Strong, the design expert and garden expert Stephen Anderton.

Clients will pay only a small registration fee up front. RedBook’s revenue is earned from the practices represented, who trust the agency to introduce clients they will enjoy working with.

There are no joining fees or other upfront expenses for practices represented by RedBook.

For more information, contact Sandy Mitchell at RedBook on: +44 (0) 20 7060 6222 or e-mail: