Jawhar, a jewel in any language

Monte-Carlo SBM is launching its first international hotel development outside of the Principality of Monaco. Jawhar, which means ‘Jewel’ in Arabic, is an exclusive private resort, located in the Menara District of Marrakech, Morocco’s ‘city of the desert”, and located only a few minutes away from the airport and the medina.

The Menara District is a new mixed-use, luxury district, which will form a cultural hub on the western side of the city. It will provide hotels, villas and apartments in their own generously sized private landscaped grounds, world-class health spas, and fine cuisine provided by Michelin star chefs.

Aerium Atlas Management is working closely with the Wilaya of Marrakech to ensure that the district is designed to compliment the history and cultural legacy of Marrakech and the historic Menara Gardens. The district will have a new road system, with wide pedestrian pavements and tree-lined boulevards with street furniture and lighting.

Jawhar is home to a collection of 25 private residences, the first homes ever to be managed by Monte-Carlo SBM, and developed by Aerium Atlas Management.

Morocco’s Plan Azur

The Wellness Centre and Spa at Jawhar

In January 2001, Morocco launched its ‘Plan Azur’, a €2.2 billion master plan to attract investment, high quality real estate and tourism. In 2010 the number of tourists to Morocco increased by 11% compared with 2009, with a total number of 9.2 million visitors. In December 2010, the Office National des Aeroports (ONDA) issued a 182 million euro bond for the further expansion of airport infrastructure as part of the 2020 Vision.

Morocco expects to become part of the Euro-Med Free Trade Zone and is working towards an even closer relationship with the EU. There are already strong ties with France, which accounts for 22% of the kingdom’s trade.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI comments: “For Morocco, it is a time to evaluate our objectives as well as the obstacles we have encountered and the challenges that lie ahead in the construction of a development and democracy model that is specifically Moroccan.’’

“We have adopted many sector-specific strategies in the areas of industry, agriculture, tourism, energy, logistics and new technologies. Our main objectives are to preserve financial stability, promote social services and employment, and protect the citizen’s purchasing power so as to ensure strong domestic demand.”

Jawhar Resort

Jawhar provides 25 private residences, a 93 all-suite 5-star hotel (Monte-Carlo SBM’s first Hotel and resort outside of Monaco), a top gastronomic restaurant and a Wellness Centre and Spa. The resort will also have extensive function and banqueting space, a 100-seat private cinema and theatre, and young persons’ clubhouse.

More than two-thirds of Jawhar comprises landscaped grounds and outside spaces. Visitors to the resort enter a main reception building, which is surrounded by reflection pools, giving the impression that it is floating on water. Inside, the long vaulted gallery provides access to the hotel bar and library.

There are three styles of residences, with two sizes of Garden style, two sizes of Courtyard style and one size of Contemporary style. The show villa, currently under construction combines all three styles.

On either side of the gardens there are large hotel suites – sixty Junior Suites, six Atlas Suites, with their stunning views of the snow capped Atlas mountains, and one, two and three bedroom villa style garden suites each with a private garden and pool, bordering both boulevards.

The southern part of the resort is dedicated to the private residences, each set in generously landscaped gardens with private pools. This residential quarter offers views over the Atlas Mountains and has its own private access road and gated security within the resort.

It also benefits from ‘residents only’ pedestrian pathways connecting the residential quarter to the green boulevards, feature gardens, hotel and leisure facilities of the resort combining total privacy with 5-star service including 24 hour front-desk, concierge and hotel/bell facilities.

Private Residences

The Garden designs are inspired by the contemporary garden villa lifestyle, eliminating the traditional barriers between outside and inside. This flexibility opens up the garden into the house allowing the whole space to be adapted, depending on the season, with intimate courtyards and hidden gardens that maximise the useable area.

The Courtyard designs are notable for their references to traditional North African architecture, with the house revealed through a gated courtyard, over the water, into the foyer, arriving at the inner courtyard with its grand fireplace. Interior design features are based on traditional Marrakech plaster and brickwork.

These residences will marry elements of the classic Moroccan home and 21st century standard with exceptional technology built in for security and control as well as for entertainment and communication. Each residence will include a media room, gymnasium, hammam, home office, swimming pool, staff accommodation, garage and automatic landscape irrigation for the gardens.

Profile of Morocco

The country has a population of circa 32 million people and an area of just under 447,000 sq km (173,000 sq miles). The country’s capital is Rabat and its largest city is Casablanca.

Benefits of buying property in Morocco:

  • Located within three hours flying time of most of Europe’s major centres
  • Sunny climate
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Cosmopolitan culture and society
  • A diversified economy with good public finances
  • In 2000 Trade Association Agreement signed with the EU
  • In 2006 Free Trade Agreement signed with the United States
  • Increased tourism and investment generated by the Plan Azur projects will create a growing requirement for year-round rental accommodation
  • Low cost of living
  • No rental revenue tax for the first five years of ownership on newly built properties
  • Properties sold after more than 10 years of ownership are fully exempt from Capital Gains Tax
  • No inheritance tax if property left to a family member
  • 0% annual property tax in Morocco for the first three years