Insulating your home needn't involve spending a fortune altering your property

According to new research from E.ON, one in 10 UK households is missing out on huge savings by not having their cavity walls and lofts insulated, claiming that they simply ‘can’t be bothered’. Other excuses given include having too much clutter in the loft (9%), not having a ladder (3%), and not knowing how to go about it (15%).

Insulation experts at E.ON calculated that the average home can save up to £390 a year on their energy bills by insulating homes with cavity wall and loft insulation, yet over half of the UK (57%) had no idea that such savings are possible.

Surprisingly, 17% of respondents felt they couldn’t afford to insulate their homes when it can cost from as little as £99 and can pay for itself in just four months.

For those unaware of the £99 professional installation offer, DIY-laziness was cited as a major cause for missing out on the huge savings available, with almost one third of men making excuses to avoid the perceived hassle.

Kevin Bryant, Energy Fitness Instructor at E.ON, said: “When we feel the cold, it’s very tempting to turn on or turn up the heating, but there are other long-term solutions which can make a big difference and help you save money on your bills.
“With a quarter of heat lost through uninsulated roofs and a third through uninsulated walls, installing cavity wall or loft insulation is one the best long-term approaches you can make to getting your home more energy fit. It’s easy. Just give us a call and we’ll make sure everything is taken care of from measuring up to the installation itself.”

Breaking a widely-believed myth that insulation only provides vital savings in winter, 60% of respondents didn’t know that as well as keeping their homes warmer in the colder months, insulation also helps keep homes cooler in the summer.

The E.ON Energy Fit Survey offers households a tailored plan to help them become more energy efficient, and most importantly, make valuable savings off their energy bills.

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