It doesn't matter whether your flight is long or short haul, do make sure you arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed

Summer is the season for extended holidays, often further afield, requiring mid-, long- or short-haul journeys, which can leave travellers feeling extra exhausted and tangled in knots., the website for flight search and comparison, issues the industry’s top tips for maintaining health, fitness, and beauty in the air, so travellers can arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and ready to dive into holiday mode.

“The last thing anyone needs on a holiday is to arrive feeling the need to recover, before they have even begun to relax and have fun,” says Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for “Most people are aware that it’s possible to do a mini workout in your chair at work and the same rule applies in the air. It’s not just about keeping hydrated and stretching your legs occasionally, it’s about keeping the circulation going using an actual routine so you arrive looking and feeling like a million dollars,” adds Hallak.

Flight Fitness

There are plenty of exercises that can be done in your seat during the flight that promote good circulation, while stretching and keeping the muscles supple. In fact, these are regular exercises to incorporate into any fitness routine whether in the air or on the ground. The suggested in-flight workout includes:

• Heel and toe pull-ups: Lift the heels up and down while keeping the toes firmly on the ground. Repeat the same exercise keeping the heels down, but lifting the toes

• Ankle and wrist circles: Gently rotate the ankles in one direction then repeat the same exercise in the opposite direction. This can be done one ankle at a time or both simultaneously. Apply the same method to rotating the wrists

• Shoulder rolls: Rotate the shoulders forward gently then repeat the rotation backwards

• Head rolls: Rotate the head clockwise a few times then counter clockwise

• Neck stretches: Look to your left then to your right a few times, then lay the head sideways onto one shoulder then the other to stretch the sides of the neck a few times

• Lower back stretch: Lean forward with your back straight, but without arching the lower back. Stretch your arms down as far as they will go to the floor. This stretches the torso as much as possible, thereby stretching the lower back

• Full back stretch: Sit upright with feet on the ground. Turn to the left and place one hand to your side and the other on your opposite knee then repeat in the other direction to stretch out the back and neck

It's worthwhile following these tips so that you arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed


Drink plenty of fluids, most importantly water, although juices and herbal teas also help hydration. It’s important to minimise caffeine intake and avoid alcohol altogether if possible. Hydration occurs through the skin as well as through the body, so make sure to moisturise well during the flight.


The pressure that comes with high altitudes can often lead to bloating and general puffiness. To assist circulation and digestion, keep foods light. While research shows travellers prefer to eat strong flavoured foods like curry in the air, such dishes are often high in sodium and lead to water retention. Fruits and vegetables are a better option in the air. Not only do they aid digestion, but their high water content also counts towards keeping the body hydrated.


While falling asleep at any time isn’t entirely within our control, there are ways to attempt to induce sleep in-flight. Walking up and down the aisles and doing gentle exercises like ankle circles, wrist circles, and neck roles help to relax the body into sleep. Simple meditation also relaxes the mind and creates mental ‘space.’ Passengers can push their backrest down slightly, close their eyes, and just concentrate on taking deep breaths in and out.


Top Well-being Tips from Top Airlines

Some of the best airlines and airline websites for in-flight well-being tips include:

• British Airways

• Lufthansa

• Singapore Airlines

• Air New Zealand

• Qatar Airways (they have in-flight yoga)

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