Clever Moda Sporty Square Swim Shorts £32.50

The snow may have been falling, the winter winds might have been whistling down your chimney and the bottom falling out of your thermometer but just remember, somewhere on the planet, there’s a sunlit beach where the waves are lapping, the sun is shining and there’s a bar serving ice cold drinks.

The fact is that there are plenty of people who own a home in the sun where they have year-round swimming (heated pools in the winter or a wonderful climate) and there are even more who are planning a trip abroad this summer to continue their search for a bolthole in the sun.

HOM Flor Swim Short £40

Whether you are a year-round swimmer or lucky enough to enjoy beach-worthy weather at this time of year, it is essential for all of us to choose top notch swim and beachwear. Recent years have seen a trend towards sleeker, snugger and without a doubt more stylish designs for the men, with the shapeless, baggy shorts of years gone having been replaced with flattering briefs and chic boxer brief style swimmers.

When considering what men’s swimwear to buy, think about what function you want it to serve… Choose a sporty number for your daily laps at the pool, perhaps a solid colour with a contrasting flourish. Beach posers need only worry about eye-catching prints and enhancing cuts, but those who brave the waves might be looking for garments that are slightly more robust. And learn a lesson from the ladies, chaps – yes, white swimwear looks fantastic with a good tan, but without a lining you might end up showing off more than you bargained for!

HOM Vector Micro £27 available during February stocks some fantastic swimwear styles for men all year round with something to suit all needs. Fast drying fabrics, sleek design and chlorine-resistantoptions are perfect for the pool while the bright, bold and beautiful choices from DGU’s seasonal collections are beachwear essentials whatever your location. Brand new 2011 collections will be arriving as early as February so keep an eye out for the season’s hottest styles.

And if you want the full monty, no tan lines look, there are swim briefs that are not only minimalist in terms of fabric, but the material also actually lets the sun’s rays shine through so you get an all-over tan. DGU commissioned special prints in their Solar Tan Thru styles – the pattern hides one’s modesty while the sunshine does its work!

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