Wash Two Loads For The Price Of One

The Beko energy efficient washing machine

When family life is all go, it can feel like the washing machine is always on, draining away time, energy and money. That’s why leading appliance manufacturer, Beko, has come up with the perfect solution – the world’s most energy efficient washing machine.

Boasting an ‘A+++++’ energy rating, the Beko 8KG WMB81445L saves 50% in energy compared to standard ‘A’ rated models, washing two loads for the same amount of energy that most machines use for just one load on a 600C cotton wash.

With its 8kg drum and extra large porthole, this 1400rpm spin model will make light work of big loads. Features include a specialist Duvet programme, as well as a Baby and Toddler programme, washing your little one’s garments on a gentler setting and giving them an extra rinse to remove excess detergent.

Among the additional 16 programmes this modern machine also includes a special Sports wash to help clean heavily soiled football kits, and two Fastwash programmes, cleaning a 2kg load in 14 minutes and a full 8kg load in just 28 minutes, so you’ll never be stranded when your favourite outfit is staring back at you from the washing basket.

This new Excellence machine is available from £379.99, available in white, and the water consumption for the Beko WMB81445L is 59 litres and the automatic half load function instantly reduces the water level when half or smaller loads are washed.

The simple interactive LCD display allows users to set a time delay of up to 24 hours in order to take advantage of cheaper tariffs, such as Economy 7, as well as adjust the spin speed and temperature and see the time remaining for the chosen programme.

For more information and to find local stockists, call: 01923 818121

DIY Kyoto launch ‘Silverlining’ special edition wattson energy monitor, in collaboration with Mathmos

The wattson energy monitor can help users to save money

Independent design collective and green technology experts DIY KYOTO have announced a special new version of their award-winning wattson energy monitor, in the form of Silverlining, a stylish addition to the wattson family, which they have created in collaboration with cult design brand Mathmos.com, most famous for inventing the lava lamp in 1963.

Offering the ultimate consumer-driven energy monitor on the market, wattson Silverlining is a chic new reflective version of the original wattson, and is complete with brand new clock feature and the latest Holmes software.

Following an extensive survey of current wattson customers and owners, DIY Kyoto discovered that, having invested in a wattson electricity monitor, a majority of households see an average annual saving of almost 20% on their electricity bills.

DIY KYOTO, founded by Greta Corke, Richard Woods & Jon Sawdon Smith, was set up to encourage and assist people in doing their bit for the environment and think about the amount of energy they consume on an every day basis. The group now acts as consultants and experts within the design, energy and environmental sectors, as well as developing additional features for the wattson and continuing to grow their forward-thinking company with a variety of new high tech, ‘design meets-green’ products in development.

Mathmos is a 47-year old British company famous for inventing the lava lamp back in 1963. Mathmos.com in recent years has launched a range of award winning interactive lights. Among Mathmos’ patents is Airswitch technology – lights that can be controlled by moving your hand through the air above the product. Mathmos products can be seen at www.mathmos.com.

If you can see how much electricity you’re using, it’ll help you to use less. The people who invented th energy monitor have found users can save up to 20% on their electricity bills. And, of course, they’ll be doing their bit for the environment.


  • wattson measures renewable energy, which means if you are generating power through solar panels or wind turbines, for example, your wattson will measure how much power you are generating.
  • wattson can now show energy use in Euros, Dollars, Stirling and Yen as well as Pounds Sterling, making it a truly international product. It can measure single and also three phase systems, making it suitable for large houses and even small businesses.
  • wattson has a memory that can capture data for up to four weeks, which you can then download via USB to holmes software and DIY KYOTO website. This offers opportunities for interactive competitions with fellow ‘wattsowners’, and a community of people to engage with, sharing tips and hints for saving energy.

Price: £129.95

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